Welcome to Distraction Entertainment

Of all the names in the universe, we picked this.  Why? Because it’s a name which represents who we imagine ourselves to be.  Is it truly who we are, or just the best we could come up with on short notice?  Or even long notice?  It’s not a bad name. Maybe it’s even a good one. And even if it weren’t, we wouldn’t admit it to ourselves, because now it symbolizes us.

What we do under that name is pen screenplays – draw pictures with words that will translate to a screen.  It’s our desire that our writing will distract the reader – be an escape – a thing that draws attention away from something else.  We also hope it will entertain. Be that which occupies the mind.  That’s not to say it’s good or bad, but poor writing doesn’t occupy the way good writing does.  Good writing inhabits. It burrows. Lodges itself in the recesses of the mind and lingers.  If it’s done its job it makes us think – transports us – even makes us wish we had written it ourselves.

And so we embark.  Follow those who carry a laptop into the plethora of coffee shops and claim the comfy chairs and declare themselves screenwriters.  And to all of you we raise our Soy Chai Latte to Entertainment – the ultimate weapon of mass distraction.