War Writer For Hire

I didn’t set out to write scripts about war, but my Nicholl winning WWI script, The Greater Glory, has propelled me in that direction. In 2013 I was hired to write a Vietnam War script based on the book Captain For Dark Mornings by Shad Meshad. It is the true story of a Psych Officer, who enlisted to counsel men and women with what was then termed ‘shell shock’ – now PTSD.  The subject is gripping, messy and heart wrenching, and little has changed from that war to those we are embroiled in now.

The very nature of war is conflict and places human beings in the throes of moral dilemma. Add a misunderstood buddy, a by-the-book commander, a formidable opponent and a great mentor and with exceptional execution, the screenplay teaches, grabs your guts, tugs at your heart and sends you on an emotional journey that can change you forever.