My Lisé

lise-sidebarMy Lisé screenplay by Nancy Froeschle

My Lisé For love of country, she enlisted. For love of family, she endured.

Captured by the Gestapo during WWII, Odette Sansom (Resistance code name Lisé) endures physical and psychological torture in Fresnes Prison and Ravensbruck Concentration Camp to make it home again to her children. A hero of the British people, she was the first woman awarded the George Cross.  Read a sample.

Captain For Dark Mornings

Captain for Dark Mornings

Captain for Dark Mornings

True accounts of one Psychiatric Officer’s compassion for tormented Soldiers during one year of the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War spanned over 8 years. By the time personnel were withdrawn in 1973, 3.4 million Americans had served, 58,000 had died, 300,000 had been wounded – but countless thousands more carried home the unseen burdens of war. Read a sample.

Vigil Auntie

Vigil Auntie Better safe than happy.

Comedy by Nancy Froeschle and James Loos

Vigilant attorney, Victoria, has never lost a case, control or much of her virginity. Her sister BB, a single mom stripper, has control over nothing, especially her pants. Unable to cope with her delinquent teen, BB begs Victoria to take Dylan and raise him “right.” Reluctant, Victoria agrees, then loses him to kidnappers who will kill him unless Victoria drops her case against Magma Motors. Now, against all good judgement, the sisters must join forces to save Dylan and repair the rivalry that has tortured them since birth. Read a sample.

The Restoration

The Restoration Some things aren’t meant to be found.
Psychological Thriller
Previous Option with Cook Street Productions
Nicholl Fellowships – Quarter Finalist

Art Restoration expert Rachel Simone blames herself for the death of her 7-year-old daughter. Running from guilt and grief she travels to Hungary to restore Blood of the Lambs, a vandalized fresco in an ancient cathedral. There, Rachel discovers blood in the red pigment of the fresco and a dark secret the church doesn’t want found. Time and a “trusted” friend against her, Rachel must expose the truth to stop the murder of an innocent and prevent the past from repeating. Read a sample.

The Greater Glory

The Greater Glory Top Gun for WWI
Drama by Nancy Froeschle and Stephen Trow
Based on a true story
Nicholl Fellowships – finalist
PAGE Awards – semi-finalist
Zoetrope – semi-finalist

Lt. Frank Luke was a rugged hero who saved thousands of doughboys in the trenches, became America’s highest scoring ace and the first pilot ever awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  But why would a nation bestow its highest honor on a man running from Court-Martial, and idolize a renegade who steals a plane and flies single-handed against the German army while operating outside military law? Read a sample.

Scrooge Returns

Scrooge Returns Scrooge is dead, but not done!
Christmas Comedy with Stephen Trow

Ebenezer Scrooge is the new Ghost of Christmas Past. Together with the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley, he must haunt and reform a modern-day tycoon before the tycoon’s real estate venture destroys a single mom, her son and everything they hold dear. Let the haunts begin! Read a sample.

Different Drummer

Different Drummer Passion bears re-beating.
Family Comedy

Single mom. No love life. And now out of batteries. Helen decides the only way to get her rhythm back is to go for a nice guy – and get a drum set. With the help of her kid’s school janitor and a little bit of rock-n-roll, Helen finds her beat – until she discovers her first real gig is playing her daughter’s senior prom. Read a sample.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs She forgot about him. Now he’s about to “fuhgeddabout-her.”
Comedy Short with Steve Schoen
Previously under option with Blue Lizard Productions
PAGE Awards – Quarter-Finalist

Left for dead at a retirement home, John Snarkey calls an aging Mafisoso to help him “reconnect” with his daughter.


Missing How far would you go to get them back?

Thriller with Steve Schoen
Austin Film Festival – Finalist
Nicholl Fellowships – Semi-Finalist
PAGE Awards – Bronze
The Writers Place – Third Place

Recent widower David Kenyon must fight through his grief and learn what it means to be a father when his daughters are kidnapped by a mysterious stranger during a fire at a Renaissance fair. Read a sample.

In the Heart of the Rain

In the Heart of the Rain Some memories can’t be drowned out.
Drama with Steve Schoen
Pacific Northwest Writers Association – Best Screenplay of the Year
Nicholl Fellowships Semi- Finalist
PAGE Awards – Semi-Finalist

A recovering black out drunk’s sobriety is threatened when the ghost of a dead girl he may have murdered appears to him during the amends. Read a sample.